TEXO offers numerous professional development and leadership opportunities for employees of member firms to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge and skills. These opportunities vary and are geared to include everyone from CEO’s to field personnel. 

Workshops, seminars, lectures and hands on training are available through TEXO’s Professional Development and Leadership Courses such as:

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TEXO offers the following Professional Development courses throughout the year: Executive Presence, Creating your Personal Brand, Presentation Skills for Superintendents, Presentation Skills for Project Managers, Business Etiquette, Advanced Leadership Development Program (6 part series), Adaptive Negotiation Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Difficult Conversations, Bootcamp for Field Operations (3 part series), Ethics in Construction.  Don't see something you need?  Call us- we can develop a custom program for your company!


TEXO is a National AGC testing center for the Certification of Management-Building Information Modeling (CM-BIM) program.  The CM-BIM certification test is offered every other month at either the TEXO Dallas or Fort Worth offices.  The 4-part BIM Education Program courses are taught on an as-needed basis for a minimum of 10 people. These courses must be completed to be eligible to take the certification exam.  Please contact Lois at the TEXO office- 972.647.0697 to set up a class! Successful CM-BIM candidates demonstrate they have achieved the learning outcomes in the training by passing the CM-BIM exam and will have the ability to carry the designation behind their name. 

The BIM Education Program is designed as a progressive program with an increasing level of difficulty within the courses. Together these are designed to give the student a broad understanding of the new processes required of BIM, a basic grasp of the technology, as well as an overview of the legal and insurance issues relevant to BIM.


TEXO’s Safety First program is a revolutionary safety initiative intended to standardize safety training, while elevating the safety knowledge and performance within the commercial construction workforce in North and East Texas. The program is a hands-on, interactive orientation for employees of all divisions so they can learn the essentials of job site safety. Participants will have real-time conversations with the instructor and other peers on the components of each of the 10 training modules, while receiving a personalized identification card and opportunity to complete their OSHA 10-hour certification. 

For more information about TEXO Safety First, visit www.texosafetyfirst.com.


Course Objective: To teach adult single rescuer method of CPR, and clearing the adult airway (choking). Students are taught how to treat basic injuries as well as injuries specific to construction. Bloodborne Pathogens, as well as Infection Control and Body Isolation are also taught. First Aid/CPR classes are taught using methods which meet or exceed the requirements by OSHA. Participants will also be instructed on how to use an Automated External Defibrillator. Class is taught as an individual class and students who successfully complete the course will be issued a wallet card and certificate of completion. The First Aid/CPR/AED  class is offered every month in both English and Spanish, and alternates between the Dallas and Fort Worth TEXO locations. 


This course will provide an overview of the risk management and insurance profession from the health and safety program perspective. OSHA specific topics covered will include identifying and analyzing potential loss exposures; risk management alternatives; implementation of OSHA safety regulations; and suggested strategies for improving environmental, safety, and health programs using OSHA regulations and risk management principles. Participants who complete the full 30-hour course will obtain a certificate of completion and OSHA 30-hour card in 4 - 8 weeks. This course is taught in both English and Spanish.  


Forums play an integral role in bringing TEXO members together to discuss common issues, learn new solutions, explore new opportunities, share best practices, network and build relationships. 

Most importantly, forums provide Chapter members with a place to meet on a regular basis for the purpose of collaboration, networking and honest dialogue. The result is stronger relationships between members who are tackling similar issues often from different perspectives. 
TEXO offers the following Forums at various times throughout the year: 

Safety Superintedent Forum Safety and Superintendent professionals and others concerned about jobsite safety meet each month to discuss mutually identified issues and to learn from guest speakers and each other. Meets the first Wednesday of each month. 

Latino Safety Superintedent Forum Hispanic Safety and Superintendent professionals and others concerned about jobsite safety meet each month to discuss mutually identified issues and to learn from guest speakers and each other. Meets the first Thursday of each month. 

Women's Forum Meets to discuss mutually identified issues, learn from guest speakers, network with each other and develop a community of women in the industry. Meets quarterly. 

Human Resources Forum
 Meets to discuss current topics and trends among HR Professionals. Meets quarterly. 

AIA/TEXO Forum Meets quarterly to discuss industry issues and that strengthen ties between the two associations. 

AIA/TEXO Industry Affairs Committee Meets every other month to discuss industry issues and to strengthen ties between the two associations.