TEXO Governmental Affairs aims to expand construction markets and reduce business cost within the geographical regions of our state. Through credible and expert advocacy at all levels of government, TEXO ensures that Texas Legislators and regulators comprehend the impacts of policies on commercial construction businesses. TEXO facilitates the involvement of its members in government affairs that provides for a powerful and respected voice in the local, state and federal policy making process. 

Success and change are directly impact by TEXO member involvement. Learn more about 4 areas where TEXO works for you in the governmental sector below:


TEXO's Political Action Committee collects voluntary contributions from concerned contractors and service provider members, for use in making political contributions to candidates running for state and local political positions. This effort is essential and necessary to ensure that the interests of our industry are represented. To learn more about the Political Action Committee, visit the TEXO PAC page.


The TEXO Governmental Affairs Committee meets on a monthly basis to discuss current legislative concerns.


TEXO frequently travels to the State Capitol to meet with representatives. In addition, TEXO participates in the ABC Legislative Conferences and meet your Senator & Representative events.


TEXO Vice President of Governmental Affairs, Jack Baxley, in conjunction with representatives from AGC-TBB, ABC National and AGC National are constantly tracking current legislative changes in order to communicate, comprehend, and represent your interests in government policies. TEXO consistently lobbies on the behalf of members in both state and federal legislative issues.
TEXO addresses industry issues with city and county governments, school districts, transit authorities and other government entities. TEXO maintains a presence and voice in determining local regulations dealing with codes, policies, ordinances, inspections, laws, fees, contracts and documents and payment issues. TEXO also assists members in resolving issues between the management and staff of public agencies and boards as well as elected officials. Local Government activities are managed by TEXO’s Vice President of Governmental Affairs.

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