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Adaptive Negotiation Skills Workshop- February 1-2, 2017

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1 1/2 day interactive training


Date:  Wednesday and Thursday, February 1-2

Location: TEXO Dallas Conference Center

Cost: $500 - TEXO Members Only

        Suggested Attendee: Any executive, manager, project manager, procurement officer, or superintendent who negotiates as a part of their work.

Course Description

Most people negotiate in a way that is consistent with their personalities. This fact bears out repeatedly in tests conducted by us over the past 17 years. Nice people approach negotiation in a collaborative way that makes everyone happy, and they often give away too much value. Competitive people negotiate in a way where they can feel as though they have won, and relationships suffer because nobody ever wants to do another deal with them, or they fail to reach a deal at all. These approaches can become predictable, making them vulnerable to exploitation.

When we have surveyed people who transact business with the public, they tell us that they spend somewhere between 50-80% of their time negotiating, whether externally with clients or managing internal matters. They also tell us that most have had, on average, fewer than 4 hours of negotiation skills training. There is a science and a strategy to negotiation, whether negotiating deals, or settling disputes.

This workshop will cover both distributive bargaining, for the competitive side of the negotiation, used to claim value effectively, and integrative bargaining, sometimes called interest-based negotiation, used to collaborate and build relationships. It is our belief that skilled negotiators must understand both methods of negotiation and practice before they can begin to develop the nuanced styles that allow them to blend these behaviors for maximum outcome. Adaptive Negotiation is an approach for successful negotiations that comes from studying the theory and practice of both schools of negotiation, learning to understand the techniques and the tactics being used by others so as to adapt one’s negotiation style in a very mindful and strategic way in order to successfully reach both an advantageous result and build a stronger and sustainable relationship with the client, vendor, external partner, colleague or supervisor with whom one is negotiating.
The Adaptive Negotiation Skills Workshop is a lively, fun, and interactive program that studies negotiation theory and practice, game theory and negotiation ethics, and uses role-play simulations, case studies and high-energy, interactive lecture for maximum skill development. After experiencing the practical tools we share during this highly energetic program, seasoned business people will acknowledge having used tools like these, but never having completely understood the strategy behind them, and they will negotiate very differently going forward, crafting transactions in more creative, more responsive and more adaptive ways. Participants will leave with a strong understanding of the different negotiation styles, having practiced employing each, and then having practiced the combination of the two. They will leave with greatly increased self-confidence as they approach their next real life negotiations. As an added advantage, participants will leave with a common language for the strategies being employed during a negotiation, which facilitates their communicating with each other about situations and strategies. 

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Gaining the advantage when it's just about the money;

  • Understanding the dynamics of negotiating with power imbalances;

  • Avoiding exploitation in negotiation;

  • Building relationships, while still getting a good deal;

  • Using creative problem solving to negotiate outside of the box;

  • Employing adaptive negotiation strategies to lead to successful agreement;

  • Formulating creative and durable settlements.


Get to Know the Instructor, Lee Jay Berman

Lee Jay Berman began as a full-time mediator over 20 years ago, negotiating settlements to disputes both at the workplace/jobsite level, over contracts, and in litigation. He has successfully mediated over 1,900 matters. He mediates nationally through PMA Dispute Resolution based in the Century City area of Los Angeles. He is also a national panelist with the American Arbitration Association, a Distinguished Fellow with the International Academy of Mediators, a Charter Diplomat with both the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, internationally certified by the International Mediation Institute, and a Dispute Resolution Expert with the United Nations Development Programme. He was Mediator of the Year for the US Bankruptcy Court in California in 2007, California’s Daily Journal twice named him “Top Neutral”, Acquisition International Magazine awarded him “Mediator of the Year – California” in 2012- 2014, and he has been voted by his colleagues into the Who’s Who of International Commercial Mediation in 2012-2014.  

Also a respected trainer, he founded the American Institute of Mediation, leaving his position as Director of Pepperdine Law School's Mediating the Litigated Case program after seven years. In addition to lecturing and training at Pepperdine, he has also done so at Southwestern Law School, University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, Lipscomb University, Cal-State Northridge and University of California, Santa Barbara. Lee Jay has trained judges, attorneys and business leaders in India, Australia, Croatia, Jordan, The Netherlands, and the United Arab Emirates, and here in the states, has conducted private trainings for the world’s largest consulting firm, the U.S.’s largest Big-4 accounting firm, as well as the Building Industry Association, Nationwide Insurance, Zenith Insurance, LexisNexis, and more. He authors the popular blog Eye On Conflict, and the ABA published two of his books in 2014.

Cancellations must be made within 48 hours of event or you will be charged. Please contact TEXO at 972-647-0697 with any questions. If your company requires a PO # or a Job Cost Account, please provide this information when registering. Thank You!

2/1/2017 8:30 AM - 2/2/2017 1:00 PM
TEXO Dallas Conference Center 11101 N Stemmons Fwy Dallas, TX 75229 UNITED STATES
Online registration not available.

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