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Sphere of Influence Leadership Course- Superintendents

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CostTEXO Members $2395


Module 1
Participants will be required to complete an individual assessment and Benchmark prior to the first workshop.  This information will be communicated via Mastermind Leadership not TEXO.  

Module 2
  • In Person Workshop at the TEXO Conference Center focusing on Mastering Communication 

                   -May 30th - 8:00am-11:00am
                   - June 19th- Make up course- 8:00-11:00am

  • Group Dynamic (Zoom Meetings)

                 - July 1st - 8:00-9:00AM

Module 3
  • In Person Workshop at the TEXO Conference Center focusing on Mastering Conflict 

                     -July 10th- 8:00-10:00am

  • Group Dynamic (Zoom Meetings)

                 - August 13th - 8:00-9:00AM

Module 4
  • In Person Workshop at the TEXO Conference Center focusing on Mastering Meetings 

                     -August 21st - 8:00-10:00am

  • Group Dynamic (Zoom Meetings)

                 - September 24th - 8:00- 9:00AM

Course Description 

In this changing environment, concentrating leadership at “the top” is no longer a guarantee of success because leadership is not just a position. It is a mindset. It is a determination to use one’s sphere of influence to grow the organization regardless of where one is on a wiring diagram.

The MasterMinds Leadership Sphere of Influence program is designed to help organizations empower leadership growth throughout their workforce. We create this growth by enhancing leadership skills and responsibility at the nexus between vision and execution: the director, managerial, and supervisory “middle leader” level. With influence in all directions, middle leaders must have a path of growth that impacts their influence wherever it resides.

  • Get employees on board with change initiatives
  • Access resources
  • Guide teams
  • Develop shared goals
  • Reduce resistance
  • Encourage team work beyond jobsite
  • Win support from others
  • Empower others

    More Information about the course 


The MasterMinds Leadership Sphere of Influence program will leverage your organization’s most valuable assets, middle leaders. You will build a growth path that is discoverable, transparent, and measurable. At the end of the program, your middle leaders will become effective at:

    Mastering Communication: How to Build an effective PM/Superintendent relationship and create communication habits to work well across generations

    Mastering Conflicts: Have healthy and timely interactions to give/receive feedback, address issues and solve high-impact problems

    Mastering Meetings: How to practically integrate technology to increase efficiencies, share information in real-time and reinforce team success.

Who should Attend

  • Field leaders who are dependent on PM/Super relationship for a successful project
  • Field leaders who were recently promoted and need to get results through others
  • Field leaders you are considering for promotion to new roles
  • Field leaders who need to rely on technology to communicate and need to learn to lead in all four directions through technology


Facilitator Bio 

Alexander Fichera leads the the MasterMinds Leadership Sphere of Influence program with over 10 years of management coaching and training experience. He has helped hundreds of individuals, teams, and companies build confidence, exceed expectations, and drive sustainable growth from within. By consistently translating his experience as a professional athlete into the coaching platform, Alex brings a keen sense of what it takes to inspire others, build accountability, and utilize efficient and effective practices to maximize results.

Alex holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, with a specialization in Business Anthropology, from the University of North Texas. He is also a licensed educator by the Texas Education Agency.


Cancellation Policy 

  • TEXO reserves the right to change dates or cancel all or part of the above training up to 30 days prior to the scheduled event based on attendance numbers. A minimum of five people needs to be registered for this event to be held.
  • Cancellations made between 14 and 8 days prior to the start date of the activity will be refunded in full.
  • Cancellations made seven days or fewer prior to the start date of the activity, no refund but substitutions may be made.
  • Note that refund requests must be coordinated with Ashlyn Smith
Please contact TEXO at 972-647-0697 with any questions. Thank You!
6/19/2019 - 9/24/2019
TEXO Dallas Conference Center 11111 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, TX 75229 UNITED STATES
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