TEXO is committed to providing high impact benefits, learning opportunities and networking events for members in the North and East Texas community. Locally, TEXO members are the leading general contractors and specialty contractors in our region. TEXO members are the driving force behind to the growth and development of our area. Take a look at 6 reasons you should consider joining TEXO today:


Our goal is to unify the industry, bringing it together and servicing as its voice; to advocate for the industry, representing its best interests; and to advance the industry through progressive services and training.


TEXO has two membership types, Contractor and Industry Members.

Contractor members are defined as any firm capable of supervising, managing and/or performing construction activities normally using its own forces. Only Contractors who have been engaged in the construction business for two or more years prior to application for membership and have established a reputation for “Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility” may be considered for membership in the Association. Exceptions to the two year construction business experience requirement may be granted in the case of a new firm of which one or more principal officers have had at least two years’ experience in the management of a firm which has been a Contractor Member of a chapter of the AGC or ABC.

Contractor Member Benefits

Industry Member Benefits:



  1. How does your company demonstrate to those that buy your services your commitment to the industry for which you serve?
  2. How does your company remain relevant, in-touch or ahead of industry trends and best practices?
  3. How does your company assure that your workforce is trained and skilled for construction owner requirements and expectations?
  4. How does your company build valuable relationships that have long been a difference maker in the construction industry?
  5. How does your company demonstrate its commitment to industry-valued principles like skill, integrity, responsibility, quality and safety?
  6. How does your company recognize owners, teams and award-winning projects?
  7. How does your company save money on valuable business or purchase programs, like company vehicles, shipping, worker's compensation coverage, 401k program?
  8. How does your company assure that its interests are being represented when laws, rules or regulations are being mandated without your firm's input?
  9. How does your company grow in the new markets when not connected to the 2 largest construction associations that can help expedite your market entry and awareness?
  10. How do you promote your business and gain awareness amongst the largest, most progressive association of construction industry firms completing over $6 billion of work each year?
Membership in TEXO can help answer each of these questions today. Can you afford to wait?


We would love to talk with you about membership and go into more detail about who we are and what we can provide you. Please feel free to reach out to us by phone - 972-647-0697 - or by email with any questions you might have. 
Here are a few places to visit on the site that will help you get a better picture of who TEXO is and how we strive to make the construction industry better by serving companies like yours: