The TEXO Distinguished Building Awards

Applications will be available November 2017

TEXO Member companies are encouraged to submit their building projects for a TEXO Distinguished Building Award. These awards are recognized as one of the most prestigious awards in the nation. They embody the skill, commitment and passion that TEXO Members have for construction. Companies can submit an application(s) in 30 different building and specialty categories.

What To Submit ?

To submit for the TEXO Distinguished Building Awards, you will need to choose the category your award best fits based on the guidelines provided by us. Once you choose, you will need to follow the online steps to submit your award for judging. Applications can be saved throughout the submission process so that you can come back and finish them at any time.

When ?

The deadline for submitting for the TEXO Distinguished Building Awards is typically at the end of January. The 2017 TEXO Distinguished Building Awards include projects that completed construction within 2016. They will be judged and recognized during the following calendar year.

Here's Why :

TEXO Distinguished Building Awards are nationally recognized because of the competition between applications and the quality of award winners. Not only will you recieve a presentation piece that can be shown off in your office, you will also receive public recognition during the TEXO Holiday & Awards Gala (December) and the Winter edition of the TEXO Magazine.

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