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We just officially launched a NEW stand-alone website for TEXO Foundation, our 501(c)3 entity that supports the construction members of TEXO in their workforce development efforts. The organization has three main focus areas for outreach – high school, college, and the community.

Click below to check out this new site and learn more about TEXO Foundation and its incredible efforts to educate, recruit, train, and retain the next generation of construction professionals.

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What We Do

TEXO combines the two largest national construction associations to unify, advocate, and advance the construction industry in North and East Texas. Our work represents the strength of more than 300 members and drives the growth, economic standing, and improvement of our region.

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What Our Members are Saying

Grant Yaney
Fran McCann
Russ Garrison
John T. Schmidt
"TEXO clearly cares about the wellbeing of the local contracting community..."

I’m a new member of the H&G Systems Systems team, and our group hasn’t been involved with TEXO previously. TEXO clearly cares about the wellbeing of the local contracting community, and I’ve enjoyed leaning on the TEXO team as we’ve worked to improve several of our processes. Also, at one of our TEXO events, I heard Russ Garrison talk about how being involved with TEXO allows the smaller contractors to be at the table with the larger contractors regarding all of the key issues that impact our businesses. That concept fits with our team perfectly, because we desire to be relevant and impactful, but not too large.

Grant Yaney H&G Systems
"TEXO’s affiliation with ... ABC and AGC, gives it a loud and powerful voice..."

TEXO’s affiliation with the two largest construction industry associations, ABC and AGC, gives it a loud and powerful voice to advocate at the local, state, and national levels and influence legislation and regulation that affect the bottom line of my business.

Fran McCann Polk Mechanical Company
"TEXO helps ... make us more competitive."

TEXO helps equip our people, inform our management team, and make us more competitive. All of these give us the ability to provide our clients with the best construction experience.

Russ Garrison SEDALCO Construction Services
"Affiliation with TEXO has provided ... many benefits within our organization."

Affiliation with TEXO has provided Cadence McShane many benefits within our organization. It gives us a combined voice with other members on matters such as government issues from not only local platforms but all the way up to the federal level. Safety practices are openly shared for the betterment of all, and the training programs benefit the industry as a whole by providing topics for all levels from the trades, to up and coming younger management, as well as fine tuning the skills of more seasoned professionals.

John T. Schmidt Cadence McShane Construction

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